Benefits for students :-

Performance Appraisal

The online scholarship test gives the chance to students to improve their performance.The student will be able to learn the concepts thoroughly, which will prove beneficial in the long run.

Adds value to future

The scholarship winning will open various career opportunities for you in future. As the scholarship in the records have a positive impact on the employer and hence, the student gets a chance to get recruited at a better place.

Comparative performance

The students registering for the SSC, HSSC, UPSC scholarship exams, will get an opportunity to move a step ahead of other students. You will get the chance compete with the like minded students.

Access to study material

Cash scholarship not only gives them a chance to win the cash prize but gives them other benefits.

Proper practice

Scholarship tests will not only give the chance to be ready for the exams , but also gives them a chance to win an extra amount.

Profile Winning

Scholarship Exam winning can set avenues for the future . The Scholarship exam not only gives you the cash prize but will also get an opportunity to see your profile on the website.

Benefits for Parents :-


The Scholarships conducted by us gives the student to set their target and achieve them. All you need to do is trust us and your child to get the best results.

Support system

Scholarship acts as your financial support system, that can help you allow your child to study without sacrificing dreams.

Extra benefit

You will receive much more than a scholarship fee by registering your child and getting ranked. Why not stay one step ahead of others and make your child feel special?

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An opportunity

The students are ranked according to marks, and accordingly given prizes.  All the registered students will access free sample papers and many more things.

Reduce debt

The scholarship saves you from falling into debt, by taking education loans. We are here to be your partner in educating your child with the scholarship instead of applying for the loans and then repaying it.

Hassle free

 Not only this if your student wins the prize then you don’t have to worry about the prize amount. The scholarship amount will be directly credited to the account of the student.

Benefits for School :-

Popularity of School

National scholarship exam is beneficial not for students but also for the schools.The student of your school gets ranked in the scholarship, it will lead to the popularity of the school.

1 month free marketing campaign

The students of your schools participate in the scholarship exam, then we offer a free 1 month marketing campaign for the school.

Attract more admission

More students participating in the scholarship for HSSC and SSc tests, gives better results. The better results of students benefit the school .

An upgraded version

The school will get an upgraded version of students that will help in improving the school results. As it is a future ready solution with the benefit of winning a cash prize.

Student popularity

The winning of scholarship will lead to the popularity of students, which inturn will improve the status of school. The National scholarship can be one and only way to add stars in your qualification.

More practice for better results

To get better results sample papers can prove beneficial and exams conducted that will have the same difficulty level as that of the offline exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Scholarship work?

The students who want to earn the scholarship amount , need to visit the official page and get themselves for the scholarship they wish to appear for. Once the candidate gets registered , needs to appear for the exam and then the student will be ranked and the amount gets decided.

How do Scholarships help students?

The students who could not afford getting higher education , can apply for the

              scholarship exam , which reduces their burden. The exam also opens the gate towards

              the better future and career opportunities.

Why is scholarship important?

Scholarship reduces the pressure of students as well as parents. It can help you get a better future and also save you from debts.

Why is a scholarship important for students?

Scholarship not only increases the confidence of students but also keeps them future ready. This helps in improvement in academics and also has a positive impact on the student’s career , when they start their job.

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